LinkedStat makes the I.Stat datawarehouse published by the Italian National Statistical Office available as Linked Data.


The LinkedStat project's major objective is to demonstrate how Linked Open Data can benefit the Italian statistical data, by making data easier to find and to reuse. The project provides contextualized data and facilitates the interpretation of complex statistical data.

By doing so, the LinkedStat makes data more machine-readable, favoring data incorporation and reuse by applications and third-party developers.

In Europe there are already some pioneering initiatives and projects which make national and EU statistical datasets available as Linked Open Data and the RDF Data Cube Vocabulary recently became a W3C recommendation.

This time, we want Italy not to lag behind and be among the innovators ;-)


LinkedStat is brought to you by SpazioDati in collaboration with ISTAT.

SpazioDati strongly supports the Open Data movement: government and public data should be available to contribute to better understanding of our society, and to stimulate creativity and entrepreneurship based on public data.

Most importantly, Open Data is essential for our products and our business model: since we rely on the community for our business, we want, in turn, to support and contribute to the community giving the data back to you. That’s why we decided to invest a significant (at least for a startup!) amount of resources to make LinkedStat freely available to all, for non-commercial and commercial use (read the license terms for more details).

For the same reason, we also maintain the Italian DBpedia local chapter.



Linkedstat uses an adapted version of Sarven Capadisli’s Linked-SDMX.
We’re very grateful to Sarven for the extensive and very valuable work he did on publishing linked statistical data. You may want to check out his website for more details.


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