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bringing 150 millions triples of official italian statistical data into the Web of Data. Query, understand, reuse, create!

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19Enrico Rossi2
region_IDpopulation 2011population 2012
1524 832524 877
23 672 2023 667 780

Once upon a time. I.Stat statistical data.

I.Stat is the corporate data warehouse and it is the main channel that Istat uses for data dissemination. Most of Istat's statistics data available on are disseminated also through SEP, a web service that can be queried to get structured data in SDMX format.

Let’s make it more accessible I.Stat as Linked Data.

Making Istat’s data available as Linked Open Data would facilitate data reuse within the statistical domain but more importantly it would allow third-party data consumer to more easily combine statistical data with other contextual information. We converted all I.Stat datawarehouse to RDF, exposed it as Linked Open Data and made it accessible via SPARQL.

And lastly... links Connecting I.Stat linked data to the Web of Data

Almost every dataset in I.Stat contains temporal and geographical dimensions and many other dimensions are expressed according to vocabularies shared by many data providers from all over Europe. In the next step of the project we will get to 5-star linked data by linking the data to other Linked Data providers, such as DBpedia.

Stay tuned

Linked Open Data: where are we? 11-02-2014

LinkedStat selected for "Linked Open Data: where are we?" event, organized by W3C Italy. LinkedStat will be presented as an important Italian experience regarding the use of Linked Open Data for the Istat statistics. »

LinkedStat @ Smart City 11-02-2014

LinkedStat @ Smart City Exhibition 2013 with Istat Open Census, Data Journalism and Data Driven Policymaking are the themes of Census Data Lab organized by Istat in Smart City Exhibition - SCE 2013 in Bologna, from 16th to 18th of October 2013. LinkedStat was presented during the first day, in a panel about Open Census to speak about the benefits of Linked Data for statistics. »